It’s officially summer vacation and i don’t have anything to do. And yes it’s too boring, that’s why I customized my old plain-yellow shirt. It is now a customized tank top. For the sake of being productive lol.

/first, prepare a plain shirt (whatever color), a pen, paint brush & acrylic. Then, just sketch whatever you want to put. Cut the sleeves. After that, time to paint. It will only take 30mins to 1hour depending on the design.

easy steps on how to customize an old shirt… make it a customized tank top..

good afternoon :)

  1. henchenrick said: GAWAN MOKO NGAYON NA ;~;
  2. bullsheetproof said: di ba magfafade pag nilabhang ang shirt with acrylic paint? :)
  3. dexterladra said: Gusto ko din niyaaan. Hahaha
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